Chapter 1 - Java for Beginners Course

Quick introduction to Java

Java is a language that is intended for coding software for a wide range of domains (for example, banking, health, education, etc) and as such is considered a general-purpose language.

For the initial stages of the course it is important to bear in mind that Java is an Object-Oriented and Class-based language and we’ll focus on introducing these 2 concepts in the first chapters of this course.

In this chapter in particular, we’ll show a very high level view about what we mean by a class and by an object amongst other basic building blocks we’ll need to introduce more concepts in future chapters.

We’ll introduce more Object Oriented Programming (OOP) features that are available in Java in Chapter 5.

As we go through the examples in this course, don’t worry if there are things that aren’t clear at this stage, we’ll cover these concepts and others in more detail as we go along. We’ll do our best to guide you through the different concepts and introduce/explain things along the way.